DEI Task Force

The VaAGC DEI Task Force was created in 2022 following a societal and professional shift to be more intentional in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in work and everyday life. We look forward to serving the needs of our diverse membership by taking on several initiatives and projects over the coming months.

Current projects
  • Compilation of materials to use when educating prospective students about the genetic counseling career path

What we need from you

We are looking for volunteers for the DEI Task Force. If you are interested, please contact us at info@vaagc.com

Have you ever reached out to schools, community organizations, religious institutions, etc. to spread the word about genetic counseling as a career path? Have you created materials for yourself or for these groups to help with your efforts? If so, please share your email templates, call scripts, presentations, activities, information sheets, and any other materials you have as we work to compile these resources for all VaAGC members. We hope that members can use these materials to more easily reach out to prospective students or other audiences. Please email any materials to us at info@vaagc.com.


The VaAGC facilitates communication among counselors in Virginia and serves as a resource for delivering relevant information to the public.

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